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Corporate Paintball: Breed Healthy Competition in the Workplace

Corporate Paintball in London: Healthy Competition in the Workplace

There are many ways to encourage competition within your team in a progressive way – and one of the most beneficial for employees is out-of-office activities. When it comes to exciting group fun, it really doesn’t get more engaging and competitive than a day of paintball, making corporate paintball an ideal option for your employees.

While there will always be arguments for and against competitive work environments, it’s safe to say that healthy competition can work wonders for productivity, confidence and togetherness. Corporate paintball offers excitement and immersive environments, while encouraging team tactics and communication to achieve a collective goal.

Not convinced just yet? In this post, we’ll highlight a few of the reasons why corporate paintball breeds healthy competition in the workplace and how the after-effects of this can be so beneficial for a group of employees.

Corporate Paintball: Engaging Team-Based Action

From a leisure point of view, paintball is arguably one of the most exciting and unique team-based sports, but it also has aspects that are genuinely useful for employees and can be transferred to the workplace. Team tactics are essential for success in paintball, much like the need for team efficiency in the office. Creative teamwork during paintball will help you to achieve your goal – but more importantly, you’ll get shot less!

Mixing up the teams allows employees to embrace their competitive nature, but also gives them a chance to get out of their comfort zone and interact with new co-workers. A day at GO Paintball London is the perfect environment for a group of employees who are looking to have fun and blow off some steam, but also to improve their ability to work as a team.

Out-of-Office Competitiveness

Although a little dose of competition can get the most out of your employees, too much can make the workplace a hostile and uncomfortable place to be. These are often issues that arise from the likes of individual awards and overly competitive forms of performance assessment. If you want to breed healthy competition, doing so with activities outside the workplace, instead of inside, reduces the likelihood of friction growing between employees.

The customisable nature of paintball (with multiple game types, weapons and styles of play) allows your team to adopt any playing style you want, meaning it won’t cater to any individual. This can bring the best out of all of your employees as, paintball is a blank canvas for fun, competitive action and the outcome is completely unpredictable.

Here at GO Paintball, we have a wide range of upgradable weapons, making it easier to customise your experience to suit your needs as a paintball player. Employees can duck and dive between cover as they embrace close-quarters warfare, while others may prefer to take their time and wait for perfect sniping opportunities. Styles and loadouts can be combined in a team to orchestrate the perfect battle plan – an unorthodox, yet effective way of encouraging teamwork between employees.

Achieve a Massive Morale Boost Through Paintball

Morale is essential for a workforce to stay enthusiastic and motivated, but it’s also helpful for employee banter and progressive competitiveness. High spirits in the office create a more comfortable environment, where employees can work and communicate efficiently. From time to time, every workplace needs a morale boost to rally the troops and reward them for their hard work.

A day of paintball in London not only gets people out of the office, but it also allows them to forget about any responsibilities or stress involved with their job. At GO Paintball London, we have an enormous facility that’s spread over a large woodland area, giving our players the perfect environment to immerse themselves in paintball warfare.

Plus, what better morale boost is there than the opportunity to shoot your boss with a paintball gun?!

Corporate Paintball Enhances Working Relationships

For healthy competition to exist in the workplace, it’s reliant on the strong relationships of co-workers. Paintball provides the perfect platform for colleagues to bond, communicate, create hilarious memories and enhance their working relationships. The experiences and memorable moments during a day of paintballing can completely change how people perceive their co-workers and form new close-knit friendships.

While some people are naturally competitive, others are uncomfortable with competition in the workplace, especially with people they aren’t particularly friendly with. Making an effort to enhance the working relationships of employees will create the ideal foundation for them to be more relaxed around each other. This means employees are more open to friendly competition, rather than hostility and fierce competition to be the best in the office. It will also reinforce to each member of your team the importance of working together to achieve goals – something your entire business will benefit from.

Are you looking for an exciting team building activity for your colleagues? Here at GO Paintball London, we offer private corporate paintballing days that can be organised to suit your schedule and number of employees. Book your day of corporate paintball now and prepare for the best outdoor paintballing experience the UK has to offer.

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