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Paintballing Event Day – Itinerary

Main Paintball Itinerary

Our Main Paintball is always a fully immersive complete experience, so everyone arrives for 9am – no need to be there any earlier, a 9am arrival is perfect.

Every player is then signed in, fully kitted up in their Camos, then fully briefed on the missions, maps, guns and objectives before heading out for your first set of games, set over our 50 acre themed battlefields and multiple game maps, filled with forts, villages, towers and bunkers.

The way it works is, you’ll play a couple of missions on one game map, come in for a quick break, then you go out to a totally new game map with different missions & objectives, before coming in for your lunch break, where every squad will receive a quantity of free Large Pizza Hut pizzas to share – so it’s great to get free hot food delivered straight to your hands.

After lunch, you’ll then go out to new game maps, playing different missions and maps, wrapping the day up with a prize giving and debriefing around 3/3:15pm.

Here’s our full breakdown of our Public events to give you an idea of what to expect on your day:

0900 Hours | Prompt Arrival of all Squads

All Squads will be greeted and will be shown where to park (if you have driven) by a member of our events team. Our team will then ensure all players have filled out an entrance from ready to be handed in when you sign in.

0900 – 1000 | Your Kitting up & Check in Process

You will be issued all of your Kit & Equipment, which has been handpicked by our venue owner, the former UK’s #1 Paintball Player, before being shown to your own designated Staging area – this will be marked up under your groups ‘Squad Leader’ name and occasion.

Each squad will then head up to a designated ‘Check In’ window to allow players to choose the amount of Paintballs they’d like for the day ahead, not to mention securing our Professional Level Weapon upgrades and choice of Nova Gas or Smoke Grenades – this is where you will also order the Pizza Hut pizzas which will be delivered at lunch time.

1000 – 1030 | The Operations Briefing

Once your full squad is fully stocked up, the Events Manager running your event day will then fully brief all players on all of the missions, maps, guns and objectives before the games begin.

1030 – 1215 | The Games Begin

Within your assigned teams, you will head out for your first set of games on one of our huge Game Maps – this is typically 2 games (the same game type from either end)

Following your first set of games, you’ll then head back to the basecamp, where it’s time to quickly refuel, reload and prepare for your next set of games.

You are all starting to find your feet now – and just in time, as the next set of games are about to commence! You will go to a totally new game map with different missions & objectives – this is where you will really earn those Pizza Hut pizzas

1215 – 1300 | Your Freshly cooked pizzas have been delivered!

Pizza Hut have just delivered your lunch, which has been hand delivered to every player in the middle of the woods.

Unleashing your inner Rambo can be hungry work, so as a squad, tuck into your free Large Pizza Hut pizzas.

You will also have the chance to have your Squad Photo taken – be sure to give your best War Face possible.

1300 – 1515 | Let’s see what you're made of

No time for ‘carb coma’s here – the final battles are about to begin, you are all experts now and it’s the final showdown – so get your game faces on.

Within your assigned teams, you will head out for your third set of games on, again, another completely new Game Map, playing another 2 games.

Heading back to the basecamp, ensure you have every last bit of ammunition with you, as this will be your last break – it all counts now! One single Paintball could the difference between victory and ‘better luck next time’ so bring all allies and backups available!

You’ll head out to your final set of games, on yet another completely different game map, with another totally new objective – it’s safe to say you’ve had the most immersive experience possible, venturing over our 50 acred themed forest venue!

1515 | Victory is announced

The hard work is over, you’ve done your squad proud, so hold your head high!

It’s time for the winning ceremony – our events team will reveal all points across the different games throughout the day, before crowning some special Top Gunners who’ve earned the title!

All squads will need to sign out and you can begin your journey home… Until next time!

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GO Paintball is London’s nearest outdoor Paintball venue, and perfectly located for Surrey and Kent. Free car parking is available and train Stations are a short walk away.

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Booking directly with us gives you and your Squad access to all of our awesome Special Offers; including Free Sniper Rifles & Squad Leader Perks, free Large Pizza Hut pizzas and 100 Extra Paintballs for all players within our ammo packages, plus much more!

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