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Paintballing Event Day – Itinerary

0900 hours

All squads will arrive in the car park, where you will be met by a member of staff who will ensure you all have your entrance forms fully filled out and ready to be handed in for sign in. You will be issued your kit for the day before being checked iIn, selecting your Paintballing (ammo) Packages, running through our free pizza lunch options, talking through our gun upgrades and selection of grenades. Once everyone is fully kitted up and ready…

0950-1025 hours

Our Events Manager of the day will run the Operations & Safety briefing for all players before squads are unleashed on the battlefields – to ensure everyone knows how the Paintballing event will run, is aware of all safety aspects and knows how to make the most of all our new technology Paintballing guns & equipment, along with game types and strategies.

1025-1230 hours

Paintballing games begin! Before lunch, you will usually play 4 games total over 2 different and varied game maps.

You will be taken out for your first set of games, playing one game map from either end (2 games), then will be escorted back into the Basecamp for a quick rest, where you can top up on ammo if you need to, get rations etc, before returning to the battlefields.

You will then head to your next set of games on a different game map where you will have your final battle before lunch. Once these next two games have finished you will have earned yourself a good lunch break!

1230-1310 hours

Pizza Hut have finished making your lunch and have hand delivered it straight to the woods. You’ll need to refuel yourselves ahead of your afternoon of battles. Unleashing your inner Rambo is hungry work! So tuck into a fresh 9″ Pizza Hut pizza, a bottle of drink and a dip we provide for all players. You will also have the chance to have your squad photo taken, and this is posted onto our Facebook page the very same day! Tagging your full squad as well as linking and commenting on your war face photo will automatically put you into our weekly ‘Squad pic of the week’ competition, where you will get the chance to win 8 VIP Paintball tickets!

1310-1530 hours

You will all now be fully energised and ready to get back to Paintballing war! You’ll play another 4 games, using the same set up as the morning (2 more varied game maps, 4 games), but its not over there…

You will have the chance to take part in our ‘Multi-objective game’ which is the 9th and last game of the day, where we get all remaining troops to battle it out once and for all. Best part is, points still count within these games, so it is a great chance to grab some last minute winning points for your team!

Once the 9th game has finished, we will hold a winning ceremony, where we will reveal all points, including the team that has stolen the victory for the day! Squad Leaders and Top Gunners from the day will be crowned, so make sure you stay around, as it could be you!

Any questions?

Please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team on:

0208 935 5638 (weekdays)
07850077199 (weekends)