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Paintballing Frequently Asked Questions

What are the timings of a normal Paintball day? Can I arrive late?

Our Main Paintballing is a full day activity, as you’ll get to play 8 amazing missions over our 50 acres of themed Paintballing Battlefields. Shorter paintball sessions are just not as fun for customers as you get too few games, so we don’t offer them.

We need your full squad with us, to be met in the car park by a member of staff by 9am, and your event day will finish between 3-3:30pm. With our events being so busy, having over 130 players on most days to sign in, kit up, check in with ammo and get briefed before the first set of games, it is very likely that we will have to turn you away if you arrive late. So to ensure you get a full day of unforgettable action, please ensure you do what it takes to be at the venue for the 9am start time – it is WELL worth getting up for!

Is it safe?

Without a doubt! Every player at GO Paintball London is given a full safety briefing before the games begin by professionally trained staff, and with our venue being run and owned by the former UK’s No.1 paintball player, he ensures at all times everyone is in the safest of hands!

Paintballs themselves would never cause any harm, and the brand new Paintball technology we are running on is lower impact than the old Paintball guns/ammo that other venues are still running on.

We run with the best safety equipment, including the industry’s best Paintballing goggles. As long as you keep your goggles on when instructed, you will have no worries!

Does it hurt when you get shot?

Yes, generally, paintball shots do hurt a little. However, we use higher quality paintballs and have the freshest paintball technology, so the pain with us is minimal. You are genuinely more annoyed at the fact that you’ve been shot out of the game, than the pain of being shot. As always, the more you run around and get stuck in, the less you will feel it as you’ll have a massive adrenaline rush!

What is the minimum/maximum age?

With our different types of paintball, we can cater for most ages. Our ‘Main’ Paintball is for anyone aged 10+, so if you are looking to play with family of all ages, everyone can play together! The great thing about our Main Paintballing is that there is no age limit; you can play more tactfully, use more cover and be more of a sneaky sniper or you can run around to your heart’s content.

Anyone who is aged 8–11 years old can take part in our ‘Mini’ Paintballing sessions.

Does an adult have to be present?

Everyone under the age of 16 needs to have a parent/guardian to countersign our entrance forms. Anyone under this age without a signature by an adult will be refused entrance.

How many people do I need to play?

The great thing about our ‘public’ (weekend) paintball is that you can bring as many or as little people as you want. We do get the occasional lone wolf, but it’s nothing but fun as we incorporate our squads together to make one big team squad!

Can me and my friends play as one team?

No, we always split all of our groups down the middle – any group from 4+ will be split so you are playing with and against each other. On public events days we do not, under any circumstance allow groups to play against each other, as it is much fun shooting at your friends as well as with them – it also gives you those everlasting bragging rights when you shoot them! We’ve done it this way since we started and it is by far the best way to play, as it is way more fun shooting at your friends as well as with them!

What if people from my group don’t turn up on the day?

If you do have any drop-outs their admission and equipment hire is non refundable or transferable, as this helps to pay for everything in order to run the event. However, you will not have to pay anything else for those absent people.

We would always advise that you get the money owed to you, as you as the organiser should not have to lose out due to an absence in your group!

Once booked, can I change the date?

We cannot move any booking within 7 days of the game date, as staffing would have been booked and organised by this time. Any date changes before this time frame will result in a £5pp re-booking & administration fee.

How many paintballs will I need?

For an adult squad, we would say that the minimum amount of paintballs you would need for a day of action would be around 100 paintballs a game. This will allow you to get stuck in!

For juniors/teenagers, 50 Paintballs per game would be the minimum needed.

What should I wear?

Each Squad will be issued equipment hand picked by the former UK’s No.1 paintball player. You’ll all receive a camouflage overall to ensure you look the part. We would advise to wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty/painty, as after all you will be running around a woodland getting shot at all day. However, if you do get any paint on yourself, it does wash off! Also, don’t wear your best/freshest white trainers as they will not be staying white in a forest!

We would always recommend that sensible shoes with good grip are worn, as well as an ankle support, as being in the woodland the terrain is so varied.

What should I bring on the day?

As long as you’ve got your war faces on, you don’t need much else, although it may be handy to bring a spare change of clothes and shoes as you’ll be within a natural woodland throughout the day, so you may get a bit muddy. As far as paying for your ammo, gun upgrades, grenades or any snacks/drinks we take cash and cards (excluding AMEX).

Can I bring my own Paintball equipment?

You can bring any paintball goggles that you may have; however these will need to be fully checked over by a member of our team to ensure that you are playing with real and certified Paintball equipment. We cannot allow any member of the public to play a public event using any other gun than the ones we provide for public rental days.

Can I bring my own Paintballs?

No. We can never allow anyone to bring/play with their own ammo, as it will void player insurance. It also falls down to the safety of everyone else you will be playing with, as well as yourselves. We know how the ammo we use has been stored and that the ammo we provide is high quality. Anyone (and their whole group) who uses illegal ammo bought from outside of the venue will be asked to leave immediately.

What days are you open?

Our usual event days are Saturdays and Sundays, however we do sometimes have ‘public’ events during the week, but this is subject to availability.

We can also offer a ‘private’ midweek for anyone who is wanting to have a private event during the week. Give our team in the HQ a call to find out more.

Do we need to book in advance/can I just turn up on the day?

All of our events are super busy, and we can sometimes book to capacity (140 players) weeks before the event day. We do sometimes have last minute spaces, although this is rare, so to avoid disappointment with availability we would always recommend that you book your squad on in advance. Due to this reason we can’t take any ‘walk ons’ as it is likely that we will not have the spaces on the day.

Can I bring lunch?

Here’s the good news! If you book in direct with us for your paintball experience, when you choose your ammo package on the day, we order you a 9″ Pizza Hut pizza! Best bit is, we pay for these per person! So you get a 9″ pizza, a dip and a bottle of drink (worth £15) per person for FREE!

You are more than welcome to bring other snacks/drinks with you, but we do have a shop with snacks/drinks to purchase at the venue!

Is there onsite parking?

Yes, we have a car park at the venue which is free of charge.

Where is the paintball venue located?

The great thing is, wherever in the south of England you are travelling from, we are conveniently located. Being only a 45 minute train journey from Central London and just inside junction 6 of the M25, we are the closest outdoor venue to Central London.

Our closest overground train station is located a stone’s throw away from the venue! The station is called Whyteleafe South.

Our Venue address:

GO Paintball London
Salmons Lane

How do I book my squad for a day of paintball?

To book your squad in for a day of paintball with us, all you need to do is pay the £14.99 Full Day Admission and All Equipment Hire, per person. This can be done online or over the phone.

If you are unsure of final numbers, we would always advise that you book your minimum amount of players on, then when others confirm you can give us a call and as long as we have the availability we can always add them to your booking.

Any further questions?

Please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team on:

0208 935 5638 (weekdays)
07850077199 (weekends)