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Run by the former UK #1 Paintball player, GO Paintball London is the premier Paintball venue for London, Surrey and Kent – providing you with the most exciting and immersive Paintballing experience possible!

GO Paintball London pride ourselves on running the ultimate premium quality Paintballing days without the premium price for Paintballs, keeping us as one of the most affordable Paintballing venues in the UK.

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Over 50 acres of
Themed Battlefields

Professionally designed to create the most fun and intense Paintballing experiences possible, our London venue boasts over 50 acres of themed battlefields over 5 varied game maps. Be prepared to storm fort strongholds, infiltrate village compounds, lead assaults for control of fuel stockpiles, and scavenge for resources in our fallout wasteland!

The ultimate fun day out for any occasion

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Prices per person – 2 easy payments!

To make it easy and keep the initial cost down for you as the group organiser, you only need to pre-pay each player’s Full day venue Admission and Equipment hire, to book your event and reserve your spaces.

On your game day, each individual selects which of the below Ammo packages they would want to go for, depending on individual budgets and how stuck in they want to get, and pay for it on the event day. This means there no need to pre-pay ammo to get the best prices, yet still getting full flexibility for each player to budget their own day.

1st Easy Payment – £14.99 per person
Full day venue Admission and all Equipment Hire

2nd Easy Payment – Individual Ammo Packages (below)
Now including 100 extra Paintballs, a 9" Pizza Hut pizza lunch and drink!

Perfect for kids
Minimum needed @ 50 Paintballs per game

Most popular packages
100+ Paintballs per game

Legends in the making
150+ Paintballs per game

Paintballing near me

Booking your day with GO Paintball London directly, you get access to our Paintballing packages which are the cheapest way to play a full day’s Paintball – designed to give you the most affordable, fixed-cost day possible without going short on ammo, or a need to pay it all upfront.

All you need to do to book your game day is to pre-pay the £14.99 Full Day Admission and Equipment Hire per person for your chosen event day, either online or by phone; this keeps the initial costs to a minimum for the organiser.

On the day, each player in your group chooses their own Paintball package depending on their budgets. They come with varying amounts of ammunition – all at £5 per 100 Paintballs!

In short, our packages allow each player within your group the freedom to pick a Paintballing ammo package according to their individual budgets and how trigger happy they want to be on the day!