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Paintballing Birthday celebrations at GO Paintball London – London, Surrey and Kent’s premier Paintball venue

Looking at organising an awesome Paintballing Birthday event? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place! A large number of our groups of all ages visit us for Birthday parties as Paintball is perfect for an adventurous, memorable and super fun way to celebrate a Birthday in style.

Plus, nothing is better to bring your friends together from far and wide than a Paintballing shoot out! Playing both with and against your friends creates epic war stories that you’ll be able to re-tell together for years to come.

Setting Paintball standards in the UK – what you should know:

Prices per person – 2 easy payments!

To make it easy and keep the initial cost down for you as the group organiser, you only need to pre-pay each player’s Full day venue Admission and Equipment hire, to book your event and reserve your spaces.

On your game day, each individual selects which of the below Ammo packages they would want to go for, depending on individual budgets and how stuck in they want to get, and pay for it on the event day. This means there no need to pre-pay ammo to get the best prices, yet still getting full flexibility for each player to budget their own day.

1st Easy Payment – £14.99 per person
Full day venue Admission and all Equipment Hire

2nd Easy Payment – Individual Ammo Packages (below)
Now including 100 extra Paintballs, a 9" Pizza Hut pizza lunch and drink!

Perfect for kids
Minimum needed @ 50 Paintballs per game

Most popular packages
100+ Paintballs per game

Legends in the making
150+ Paintballs per game

You’ll be armed with the best gear, led by events experts and targeted by your mates. It’s time to clock in to the battlefield!

How to book or find out more

Please use our handy Availability checker (above) to check dates or book in online. Our friendly team is available Monday to Friday 9am–6pm should you have any questions at all, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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