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A Few Simple, Yet Effective Tips for a First Time Paintballer

Paintball equipment

Heading into your debut on the paintball battlefield with a plan is never a bad idea.

Everyone’s first paintball experience is exciting, to say the least. High-intensity tactical games, with an array of weaponry to choose from, and the possibility of being pummeled with paint at any moment – it’s safe to say an adrenaline rush is on the cards. A day of paintball is extremely fun for everyone involved, but it’s also a great team building exercise as it improves communication and builds confidence.

Having a fun time is always the primary objective in paintball, but a few tips to give you an advantage over the enemy will prove useful.

Rushing Will Get You Shot

Paintball is fast and exciting activity, so not rushing may sound like the type advice that will leave you dripping in paint. But as a newbie to paintball, running in guns blazing is a great way to get yourself shot, and therefore quickly eliminated from the current game. Although at Go Paintball you can ‘respawn’, meaning that you’ll be allowed back into the game as a reinforcement.

Before you become a fully fledged paintball veteran, you’ll need to get some experience, and to so you’ll need to at least get a lay of the land and get the chance to actually use your weapon of choice. Once you’ve completed your baby steps, it’s time to get hunting.

Keep Low and Use Cover

When moving between cover or in open areas you should always try and keep as low as possible, not only does it make you less visible, but it gives a wayward paintball less opportunity to hit you in the head. A very likely scenario if fellow first timers are testing out their guns.

Go Paintball has five different maps that you’ll immerse yourself in throughout the day, each providing their own set of obstacles and objectives, using cover effectively will be a vital part of coming out on top.

Choose the Right Tool for the Job

Here at Go Paintball we’ve taken a not so ‘standard issue’ approach to our equipment hire, meaning that you can completely customise your experience, right down to the gun use to reign supreme. The variety of equipment available allows you to adopt whatever playing style suits you best.

Want to provide cover from the distance and pick off enemies breaking from cover? No problem, the A5 Sniper Rifle will help you to do so with deadly precision. Or maybe you’re the ‘run and gun’ type who likes to make quick, calculated runs. We’ve got you, our world’s first, GTEK Submachine Gun is based on the MP5, used globally for close quarter battles by Special Forces and armed law enforcement.

Along with our selection of weaponry, we have a variety of equipment to give you a tactical edge over the opposition. Our Nova Gas Grenades are perfect for clearing buildings because if an enemy stands in the gas too long they will be eliminated, so throw a grenade and watch them scatter. We also have smoke grenades which are the perfect cover when attempting to cross open or exposed areas.

Teamwork is Your Most Effective Weapon

During any game of paintball, there’s the temptation to go at it alone and try to get the highest body count of the day. You’ll soon find that a team that can work together effectively will have a significant advantage over a group of lone wolves.

Many of our maps will require you to lay down covering fire for teammates, clearing buildings and attempting objectives with an edge of tactical finesse – all of which will prove to be tricky on your own.

Aside from making you an unstoppable force on the battlefield, working as a team makes the whole experience a lot more fun, whether you carry out attacks to perfection or fail miserably, it makes for an awesome experience.

War is hell, but paintball is brilliant fun and is definitely everyone needs to try at least once. Whether you’re a newbie trying out paintball with friends, on a day out with family or are attending as part of a team building day – use these tips to make sure that you have the bragging rights when the day is done.

At Go Paintball we pride ourselves our ability to provide the ultimate day of paintball. Our choice of not so standard issue equipment, huge maps and varied game modes give you an experience like no other.

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