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5 Easy Steps to Organising your Paintball Experience

Paintball squad in forest

Being a Group Organiser can certainly be a task in itself. But as events organisers with years of experience you are in safe hands, as this is what we specialise in!

We’re here to give you out best possible advise to make this organising process as easy and smooth as possible for you!

Here are 5 simple steps to getting your Paintball event confirmed at our 50 acre forest venue.

Firstly, you’ve done the hardest part… you’ve found the right venue! With our venue being the only venue in the world to be run and owned by the former UK’s #1 Paintball Player, rest assured your squad will be hosted by events experts, using the newest and freshest equipment in the industry, having an awesome time being targeted by your friends and family.

1. Let’s get organised

Having a main hub of communication between the whole squad is key when organising an event!

WhatsApp is an incredible tool to use, so we always advise creating a WhatsApp group chat with your players (or parents if organising a kids squad) where possible for smoother comms. Please also feel free to add us into your group chat to help with any questions the squad may have.

2. Save the date

Having a preferred date in mind for your event is the next most important step. Once you have a date in the diary, it’s much easier to get the ball rolling with other details.

Please note, last minute bookings are possible, but during peak seasons our events can fully book 4+ weeks in advance, so please do allow some flexibility with dates should your prospective event day be within 4 weeks.

You can check our live availability for your preferred event date online here.

3. Knowledge is Power

When to comes to booking your event, as the group organiser, it’s important you have all of the answers (or the ability to get the answers) for any questions your squad may have.

We make this incredibly easy by having our Events Organisers contactable typically 7 days a week (between 9am-5pm - please note, weekend can vary due to running events).

Or for ease, you can contact us via our main telephone line on 0208 935 5638 or by starting a WhatsApp chat with us.

All of the information on our events can typically be found online, on our FAQs page.

We understand that organising a group of friends or family isn’t always as easy as it should be, so please feel free to allow us to take some of the heat off you by adding our WhatsApp number into the WhatsApp group chat you have created – should the squad have questions, we can then be on hand to give the fullest and most informative answers.

It’s a really good idea to relay all of the information of the events back to the squad – including the timings (Our Itinerary), full pricing with what is included (with links/screenshots/videos).

It works great to give your squad a deadline of when you need to know their decision by. The longer you leave for players to give you a yes or no, the smaller the chance of availability for your chosen event date. (There is typically a person or two who are notorious for missing deadlines, so don’t forget to mother them through this process).

4. The early bird catches the worm

As soon as your given deadline date has arrived, your guests have given you their decision!

The great thing with our public events are the fact that we have absolutely no minimum number – this means you can book from 1 player up to 200 players (availability dependent).

We would always recommend booking your minimum number as soon as possible, this way you have confirmed those players who are 100% up for it!

You’ve done your but with helping the squad and now you have confirmed your booking – with any additional players who pop up last minute after the bookings has been made, we will just need to check our live availability for your event date – if we do have the capacity, we can always add 1 or 2 players on at a later date.

5. The Last Mile

You’ve done great! It’s almost time to sit back and relax until your event date.

Shortly after completing your booking, you will receive an email confirmation from us that will confirm EVERYTHING about your booking (for adult groups only) – please now forward this full booking confirmation onto your squad, whether you screenshot this and put it in your WhatsApp group chat or email it (whatever is easier), just as long as everyone in the squad has had eyes on it.

Within the week leading up to your event day, one of our team will send though a courtesy message (typically via WhatsApp – if you haven’t guessed, we love a WhatsApp message). Again, (adult groups only) please now simply forward or copy this full message to everyone in your squad.

The only other thing you will need to do now is ensure all of your squad are at the forest venue for your agreed arrival time.

Other than that, sit back, pat yourself on the back and we look forward to seeing you all soon for an incredibly immersive Paintball Event

GO Paintball London Events Organising Team
GO Paintball London | 0208 935 5638 |

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