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Christmas is for Kids, Now’s the Time for Some Fun: Paintball for Adults

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Christmas isn’t what it used to be! The responsibilities of being a grown-up can make it quite a stressful time, with less room to enjoy yourself. Not to worry: we have you sorted for the New Year

While there’s no doubt that Christmas is a time to enjoy yourself and spend time with the family, being an adult requires you to buy presents and make festive arrangements. Life was much easier as a kid with no responsibilities or troubles in the world. Peter Pan had the right idea.

So when the chaos of Christmas has passed and you’ve embarked upon a brand new year, making time for yourself and having some fun is essential. Here at GO Paintball London, we have just what you need to get away from it all: a day of exciting, immersive adrenaline-fuelled action.

‘Tis YOUR Season to be Jolly

As an adult, Christmas can be a very testing time of year, especially if you’re a parent. But even if you don’t have children, between the stress of trying to buy gifts that loved ones won’t hate, seeing family that you’d rather avoid and attending the dreaded staff Christmas party, the festive season can be hard work.

With that said, Christmas is over, so your inner Scrooge can save the remaining “bah, humbugs” for next year. Now it’s time to enjoy yourself. The New Year is an exciting time and, if you’re planning a day out for yourself and some friends, you’d be hard-pressed to find an activity more exciting than skirmish paintball.

At GO Paintball London, our authentic combat scenarios, five fully immersive maps and range of not so “standard issue” equipment available to hire will provide you with a paintballing experience like no other.

But Isn’t Paintball for Children?

Children are indeed allowed to play paintball (aged 8+), but it’s most definitely not a sport exclusively for children. In fact, a more mature mindset on the paintball battlefield is a very effective tool.

A vital part of paintballing is team tactics – an aspect of the sport that comes more naturally to adults. Well, some adults at least. There’s always the temptation to adopt the “lone wolf” or “spray and pray” tactics. With that said, you should never be fooled into thinking that kids will be easy opposition; doing so will leave you covered in paint and nursing a dented ego.

When growing up, there’s a good chance you wanted to emulate the action heroes you saw in movies. Although you may well enjoy your job, it provides minimal opportunities to bust out the occasional commando roll. A day of skirmish paintball is the perfect way to embrace your inner Rambo while you brush off the cobwebs that formed over the Christmas period.

<heading> Skip the Gym, Gear Up for Paintball

The beginning of a new year is also the start of resolution season. The smokers pledge to kick the habit, gyms are full to the brim with newbies, and you’re probably amongst the thousands of other people wondering why you decided to eat so much over Christmas.

If your resolution is to lose some weight or that 2017 is the year that you’ll get in shape, you’ll want a way to do it that’s more exciting than the gym. A day of paintballing has the type of adrenaline-rushing action that you won’t find in any gym. Plus, you might get into a spot of bother if you take a paintball gun to the gym to shoot your friends.

The amount of exercise you’ll actually do throughout multiple games of paintball is quite astounding. Running between cover, climbing obstacles, chasing enemies and carrying around a paintball gun for the entirety of the day will all take its toll and provide you with a hefty workout.

The weeks following Christmas can often create bit of a lull compared to the chaos of the festive season, so taking the time to enjoy yourself whenever possible will start 2017 off in the best way possible. Rally some troops, pick your weapon of choice and prepare for an awesome day on the paintball battlefield.

Here at GO Paintball London, we have the most exciting and immersive paintballing experiences for a range of age groups. If you want to know more about how we can cater a day of paintball to suit your needs, don’t hesitate to get into contact via 0208 935 5638, WhatsApp us on 07761 858465, or email

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