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Paintball in London: One Last Hurrah Before Your Kids Return to School

Paintball for kids

The summer holidays are just about over, so before your children embark on a new school year, it’s only right that you give them a season finale to remember. A day of paintball in London will provide all of the necessary excitement, fun and fond summer memories!

The end of the summer holidays is a time of mixed emotions for both parents and children. For parents, there’s the slight sense of relief at getting back into their usual routine, mixed with the sadness that you won’t spend as much time with your children. For the kids, it’s the dread and excitement of starting a new school year. To make sure you and your kids head into autumn with a smile on your faces, it’s only right that you have one last, big day out together.

Here at GO Paintball London, we encourage people of all ages to come and experience a day of Paintballing with us and believe that it’s the ultimate pick-me-up for the end of summertime. Here’s why…

Paintball: The Ultimate Immersive Morale Boost

Let’s start off by explaining exactly why you should ascend onto a paintball battlefield for your summertime finale, because there are simply so many other activities to consider. However, it’s safe to say that none of them will match up to the excitement of intense paintball action, or boast the engaging nature of exploring our fully-immersive battlefield environments.

We already mentioned that you and your children might be experiencing a bit of end-of-summer blues, which is why you’ll both need a morale boost to start autumn with a positive mindset. Exercise is well known to promote a positive mental attitude, which we can assure you’ll be experiencing in abundance during a day of paintballing.

The wide range of movement and fast-paced action accumulate to form a hefty workout, so you won’t feel too bad about having the free Pizza Hut pizza we give every player. Oh, we didn’t mention that before? Free pizza for everyone! That’s sure to put a smile on your kids’ faces.

The Best Paintballing London Has to Offer

Here at GO Paintball London, we’re lucky enough to be situated just outside of the capital, so it’s paintball near London to be precise. We provide the best paintballing experience to the London, Kent and Surrey areas, and believe that paintball is a sport that everyone should try at least once. So, we we make sure that every player is provided with all they need to make it a day to live long in the memory.

Our five enormous battlefield ‘maps’ spread across 50 acres of woodland environments, all of which give players unique obstacles to use to their advantage, and tactical games to test their skills. Our equipment is the finest paintball technology you can get your hands on and we provide a range of different guns to allow players to adopt whatever playing style suits them best.

Enjoy the Experience With Your Kids

The issue that many parents face when deciding on summer activities is that there can be an age gap, where kids’ activities aren’t suitable for adults and vice versa. This means that these types of days out don’t allow you to bond as much with your children and you have to settle for the role of spectator. We have taken this on board and realised that not only should paintball be an activity that many age groups can enjoy, but there should be the option for mixed ages to play together, too.

For adults, we use regular-powered weapons, but for children (8 years+) this wouldn’t be as safe. To solve this, we use reduced-power weapons to prevent injury to younger participants and, in the process, open up the possibility for parents and children to take to the battlefield together. Keep this in mind if you have grounded your children recently; you’ll be surprised how accurate youngsters can be with a paintball gun!

Bond and Make Memories With Paintballing

An unfortunate trait of summertime is that it goes by too quickly, often without having experienced anything exciting or getting the opportunity to bond with your children. If you want to bond with your kids and provide them with a day of all-out excitement, look no further. The team-based nature of paintball is the perfect way to teach your kids the value and benefits of team building, while bonding in the process.

The action of paintball is a brilliant mixture of excitement and hilarious moments. If you think back to some of your best memories with your children, there’s a good chance this combination is the fuel for many of these, too. A day at GO Paintball London will provide you with more than enough excitement to be a highlight of your summer – and even all of 2017, for that matter.

Are you looking for the perfect treat for your children before they go back to school? Here at GO Paintball London, we cater for players of all ages and provide the absolute best paintballing London has to offer. Head to our website to book online, or get in touch via

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