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Professional Level Paintball Guns, Game Maps & Inclusive Equipment

The best Guns, Gear & Game Maps

When our owner and former UK #1 Paintball player, Tommy ‘Gun’ Pemberton, launched GO Paintball London, we made it our constant mission to invest in the newest technology Paintballing guns, goggles and playing equipment available, enabling the very best of Paintballing experiences for our customers. In turn we have created the ultimate, most formidable and unrivalled standard paintball ‘Equipment Hire’ package out there, plus some incredible optional extras!

This means you’ll enjoy much more accurate shooting guns and reliable equipment, along with less hassle from ‘fogging’ goggle systems; leaving you and your squad to get on with having an awesome and unforgettable day on our professionally designed Paintballing game maps!

New technology & professional level gun upgrades – Play your way!

We are proud and excited to announce that we have been chosen as the flagship venue for brand new Paintball gun technology, and are the only venue in the world to be kitted out with this awesome variation of new Paintballing weaponry!

On top of our unbeatable new Standard Issue Rifles, we also are only venue in the world to offer 2 new Professional Level gun upgrades for our players! Check out our beastly Etek Assault Rifles and sharp-shooting Etha Sniper Rifles.

So whether you see yourself laying down covering fire for your friends, being that deadly and sneaky sniper, or your squad’s objective playing run and gunner – just like computer games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield – each player can choose a weapon option that suits their strengths and their play style to help their team to victory!

Standard Issue Rifle

Included with Equipment Hire

Standard Issue Rifle

Utilising new Paintball gun technology, our super-reliable and pretty much bombproof new Standard Issue Rifles are the tried and tested best standard issue rifles in existence.

A solid firing system and an ergonomic design creates a stable shooting platform to lay down good closer range fire with a semi-automatic fire rate of around 3 rounds per second.


Rate of Fire 



Etha Sniper Rifle

£20 day rental

Etha Sniper Rifle

This new professional level Etha Sniper Rifle is based off a variant of the M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper system that is commonly used around the world as a platoon level support gun.

Our sharp-shooting sniper rifle is fitted with the most accurate ported Paintballing barrel and fires with a much quieter sound signature, ideal for those stealthier mid/long range shots. It also comes fitted with a fore grip for steadiness and better mobility between cover. This Sniper Rifle is semi-automatic with a rate of fire of around 4 rounds per second.


Rate of Fire 



Etek Assault Rifle

£20 day rental

Etek Assault Rifle

Our new, beastly Etek Assault Rifle is based on the legendary G36, used globally by Special Forces and armed law enforcement.

This professional level Paintball gun is built with an electric firing mechanism, break beam ‘eyes’ and a micro switch double trigger, allowing the operator to not only fire semi-automatically, but also fire rapidly at up to 8 rounds per second if needed! Its adaptable ROF coupled with its accurate ported barrel make this ideal for game changing players over all ranges.


Rate of Fire 



Paintballing London Game Maps

GO Paintball London have 50 Acres of the most exciting and immersive modern warfare battlefields, professionally designed to create the most fun and intense Paintballing experiences possible!

Spread over our five epic maps, all with differing scenarios, your team will score points throughout the day by completing missions, controlling objectives and retrieving intel. Each map is a varied size giving a whole different feel to each mission; from football pitch sized battlegrounds to close quarter encounters, GO Paintball London offer the full paintball experience to suit everyone.

We are also one of the only venues in the world to run timed ‘respawns’, meaning you can come back into the game as reinforcements after previously being eliminated. This means less standing around and more Paintballing for you and your squad!

Be prepared to storm fort strongholds, infiltrate village compounds, lead assaults for control of fuel stockpiles, and scavenge for resources in our fallout wasteland.

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Not so ‘standard issue’ Equipment hire

All of our players are kitted up with the best hand-picked equipment within their ‘Admission and Equipment hire’

Grenades and Optional Equipment

Go Paintball London
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GO Paintball is London’s nearest outdoor Paintball venue, and perfectly located for Surrey and Kent. Free car parking is available and train Stations are a short walk away.

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You’ll be armed with the freshest kit in the industry at the very best Paintball prices. Please select the ‘Occasion’ of your event for up to date Admissions & Equipment Hire, and cheapest inclusive Ammo Package prices.

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Booking directly with us gives you and your Squad access to all of our awesome Special Offers; including Free Sniper Rifles & Squad Leader Perks, free Large Papa Johns pizzas and 100 Extra Paintballs for all players within our ammo packages, plus much more!

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The Top 10 Paintballing Tips from the former UK #1 Paintball Player, World Cup Winner & GO Paintball London Owner, Tommy ‘Gun’ Pemberton.

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